Saturday, March 21, 2020

Peace and Wild Things in the Age of Anxiety

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During this unsettling COVID-19  time we are getting out virtually every day to remind ourselves of the goodness of Creation, always keeping a safe physical distance from other humans,  of course! In most instances we encounter no other people, so it isn't difficult to do so. Because of the time of year we have been able to cross-country ski, walk, cycle, and paddle within a span of two weeks. 

We find comfort amidst the trees and by water, and the poem by farmer/philosopher/theologian Wendell Berry called The Peace of Wild Things has come to mind often. Years ago Ruth gave me a copy in a frame she found which is carved as a tree. 

Here is a link to Berry reciting his poem, as well as a clearer text. The God who created you, the God who dwelt with us as the Christ, and the Spirit who came as a bird give you strength and solace.

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